Meat the Alternative – Glendale Foods

The range – available in 10 kilo bulk packs

Burgers – 47g to 170g (Vegan suitable) Soya/Pea Protein

Beef, Chicken, Chorizo and Pepperoni style mince (vegan suitable and some GF) Soy/Pea/Protein

Meatballs – 12g (vegan suitable) soya /pea protein

Pulled beef style (vegan suitable) soya

Pulled chicken style (vegan suitable) soya

Pulled pork style (vegan suitable) soya

Pulled duck style (vegan suitable) soya

5g Chicken style piece vegan suitable) soya/pea/protein

40g Lincolnshire sausage (vegan suitable) pea protein

40g Breakfast sausage (vegan suitable) pea protein

Breakfast Patty (vegan suitable) pea protein

*NEW* product Tuna (vegan suitable) – for further information email


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