Oumph! Epic Veggie Eating

Why is it called OUMPH!?

Because it tastes so good! When something tastes straight-up fantastic, it’s just the feeling you have. Or at least that’s what chef Anders Ankan Lindén thought. Oumph! is his expression; something he’s used in his work in fine restaurants and large factories all around the globe. To us this feeling is always the same: in the product itself, the spices we use and the dishes we make. It’s always just…Oumph!!

Why is it so good?

Why are we working with soy?

Our favorite diet is the eat-all-the-good-foods-diet. And soy is straight up a pretty rad ingredient. From a nutritional standpoint it’s almost unbeatable, containing a lot of protein, fibre, folic acid and other vitamins and minerals. Soy also fills up your belly in a comfortable and long-lasting way. Since our soy doesn’t contribute to the deforestation of the rainforest, the only bad thing we can think of is that some people are unfortunate enough to be allergic. Booo.

Where does the OUMPH! soya protein come from?

Is there any GMO-soya protein in OUMPH!?

Oumph! is made from soya protein that isn’t genetically modified. Despite that, there can be traces of GMO-soya protein. Our supplier guarantees that the product, in legal terms, doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredient. This means that the percentage of GMO-soya protein doesn’t exceed 0,9%. Since we’re nerdy like that we’ve taken a special interest in keeping Oumph! as GMO free as possible. The first analysis we did came back at 0,2% GMO.

Is OUMPH! food for vegans?

Absolutely! It doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. Which means it’s fabulous food for vegans, and everyone else too.

Isn’t soya protein bad for the environment?

How good is OUMPH! for you?

The nutritional value of Oumph! is on par with the high standards that are set in order for us to talk about it loud and proud! So, we can say “rich in protein and fibre” and “a great source of iron and folic acid”. At the same time, it’s low in calories and nearly fat free. In fact, we’ve even had a dietary expert saying that Oumph! is “among the most nutritionally dense foods I’ve ever seen”.

How and where is OUMPH! made?

What ingredients and additives are used?

The Pure Oumph!, which is unseasoned, contains nothing but soy protein concentrate, water and salt. For The Spicy Oumph!, where it has been necessary we’ve used approved organic additives: citric acid, dextrose, the starch xanthan gum and yeast extract. We use yeast extract very sparingly, but sometimes it just adds that extra flavour tone. We don’t work with any artificial flavour enhancers such as monosodium glutamate.

Why are we not talking about OUMPH! as a meat replacement?

Is OUMPH! a threat towards your manhood?

No. But there are some rumors surrounding this. Soya protein contain phytoestrogens, but it’s a different kind than the one we have in our bodies. With a varied diet containing a normal intake of soya protein, no one needs to worry about hormonal side effects. The rumors derive from two case studies where 12 men each ate 14 portions of soya protein per day during an extended period of time. The test subjects experienced enlargements in breast tissue and erectile dysfunction. When their soya protein consumption went back to normal the symptoms stopped.


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