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New Chilled Range
A new meat free meat, chilled range, from Meat the Alternative.

At Meat the Alternative we began by asking ourselves a simple question.  Why do you have to compromise on taste and and ultimately enjoyment when eating alternative meat products?  And our answer was that you shouldn’t have to.

We’ve spent the last 5 years improving our expertise to naturally recreate the taste, textures and flavours our of products to replicate as closely as possible the meat eating experience and because we use 0% animal, we use a fraction of the Earth’s natural resources.

But we’re not anti-meat, in fact we want to be enjoyed by everyone who likes meat, but wants to reduce their weekly consumption, in favour of our great tasting plant protein alternatives.

So simply put, our aim is to be loved as the delicious, high-quality, tasty and tempting alternative to meat – the meat alternative brand which gives you …

more taste, more choice and more enjoyment

A Little More About Meat the Alternative…

Meat the Alternative was founded in 2012 by Tony Watson, a trained Butcher by trade, who also spent has 12 years working with meat free proteins around the world.

It was these combined understandings, that have driven his passion to build a business, which re-creates the meat eating experience using plants without ever compromising on taste or texture.

Since they began our journey we’ve sold over 6,500,000 million products to some of the UK’s largest supermarkets and sold products all around the world.

They’re by no means anti meat however, in fact they appreciate meat can be an important source of nutrition and a pleasure for many, but they also know of the negative health concerns around red and processed meats, and about the inefficiencies and damaging environmental impacts of mass animal protein production.

So here at Meat the Alternative they aim to offer a just as satisfying, environmentally and animal friendlier choice for meat eaters (and vegetarians).

High quality ingredients and an innovative production process results in products with great taste AND texture for the growing number of people, who are looking for a TRUE meat alternative solution mainly due to the associated benefits of plant protein over meat.

Beef Style Deli Slices

Lime, Chilli & Coriander Chicken Style Chunks With Salsa

Chargrill Style Quarter Pound Burgers

Ham Style Deli Slices


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