The MEATLESS Farm co

fresh plant-based meat alternatives make
it easy and delicious to take a break from meat.


They make delicious meat alternatives using the finest plant-based ingredients. Made from our new and improved signature pea protein recipe, our products are meat free, not taste free. Our fresh food is a high source of protein, good source of fibre, gluten-free and suitable for vegan or flexitarian diets.


Their range of fresh food makes it easy to take a break from meat. We’ve spent over two years perfecting our plant-based recipes to create a fresh mince, burger patty and sausage that tastes delicious. At last, an easy-to-use alternative to meat for your everyday favorite family meals.


Their NEW meatless sausages are made using the highest-quality plant-based ingredients. Full of taste and texture, we’re making it easy for people to reduce their meat intake by creating meat replacements which can be used in recipes the whole family will love.

“We love creating tasty things and collaborating so watch this space. We’d also love to hear from you if you’d like any more information about us or our plant-based food”


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