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NewChilled RangeA new meat free meat, chilled range, from Meat the Alternative.At Meat the Alternative we began by asking ourselves a simple question.  Why do you have to compromise on taste and and ultimately enjoyment when eating alternative meat products?  And our answer was that you shouldn’t have to.We’ve spent the last 5 years improving…

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Meat Substitute Market Size, Share and Growth Report 2026 has been released.

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Inquire before buyingMeat substitutes or meat analogues are the products designed and developed as a direct replacement for animal meat – they mimic sensory traits of meat products viz. flavor, texture, and appearance. They are exclusively labeled as alternatives or substitutes for animal meat. A wide variety of raw materials are increasingly utilized for the…

Vegetarian Meat Substitute Science Study

Must read – Meat Substitute – an article from science direct

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Related terms:Ute Alexy, … Mathilde Kersting, in Vegetarian and Plant-Based Diets in Health and Disease Prevention, 20173.7 Meat SubstitutesThere is a broad range of vegetarian meat substitutes on the market. Meanwhile major supermarket chains in Germany offer a selection of products such as vegetarian sausages, spread, or burgers. The vegan variants are usually based on…


Best Vegetarian Meatloaf – A Couple Cooks

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Jump to Recipe This vegetarian meatloaf is hearty and pleases even the most passionate of meat eaters! It’s a family favorite dinner party recipe. Every now and then you come across a recipe that is a cut above the rest – one that makes everything you’ve made before pale in comparison. We present: our Vegetarian…


The fight against ‘fake meat’ vocabulary has started!

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What is meat?Back in the day, the distinction was simple. Animals are meat, and plants are not. But now, it’s getting a lot more complicated thanks to cultured, or what some might call “fake,” meat.Companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are using science labs and farms, rather than animal meat, to create products that…


5 Popular Fake Meat Brands

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Fake meats are so popular today.You can now pop into any Walmart, Target, or any grocery store along with some popular chain restaurants and actually find delicious fake meats that can enjoy eating.It is officially getting to the point that fake meat options are starting to taste and cook more and more like meat every…


The 16 Best Meat Substitutes for Vegetarians, Ranked by Protein Content

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When making the switch to vegetarianism, one of the biggest things you lose is an easy source of protein. Protein is a super-important macromolecule for the building blocks of your body’s bones, muscles, tissues, skin, and blood. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends a daily serving of 5½-oz. of protein for the average adult, though it may…


Best meat substitutes for vegans and vegetarians

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A meat substitute or meat alternative is a food that may have a taste, texture, or appearance similar to meat but does not contain meat.People eat meat substitutes for a variety of reasons. Some people choose not to eat meat at all for ethical reasons or due to other personal beliefs. Others may choose meat…


70+ Vegetarian Recipes That Make You Question Your Meaty Diet

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Every item on this page was chosen by a Woman’s Day editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Looking to cut down on your meat? These are some of the vegetarian recipes that anyone will enjoy.May 6, 2020Mike Garten /Woman’s Day Test KitchenGone are the days when every…